abandoned house, hanover, illinois

the art show last weekend was phenomenal and super fun and i'll have some pictures up from that sometime soon. thankyou to everyone who put it together and to everyone who came out!

the weather is so nice. i love spring. i love rainy days and sunny days and every day. i love adventures and learning to drive and flea markets and abandoned houses and diners and noisy music and fucked up shoes. i just want to go to sleep for the next few days because on thursday i get to go to portland, oregon, for the weekend! i'm way excited. i've always wanted to see the landscape of the northwest coast. i think if i could spend my whole life traveling and going to all sorts of new places it'd be the best thing. just the act of movement makes me unbelievably happy. i have so much hope for so many things. i'm crossing my fingers on a lot.


  1. Beautiful photos, so visually interesting.

  2. I love abandoned houses.. the smell of stale memories... beautiful pictures!

  3. I cant wait to come and play with you in one of these houses! Come on MONEY!

  4. These are so great. Love how textural all the dirt is.

  5. Love these, great work as always. Wish I knew how you get these great effects so consistently.

  6. Pictures are so emotional, creative and....stunning!
    really nice job, you've made the atmosphere!


  7. hey cari, i live in portland. let a sister know if you need any advice on cool places to go/see!

  8. ps. if you'll be in town saturday, you should go to the saturday market in old town. the max train goes right to it and it's free to ride in most of the downtown area! makes it really simple to get around.


  9. Wow, what crazy but brilliant photos. I wouldn't have fancied lying on that bed!!

  10. Your photos are always so beautiful =) I can agree with so much of what you said--about adventures and springtime & the exitement of going places...It's good to hear that you're happy & having fun!

  11. ohhh, you're going to portland! i'm from portland! what are you doing up there? just exploring. you should try to check out the rose garden (the actual ROSE garden, the flower..haha, NOT the stadium). i feel like you would love the hawthorne district, as well. and pittock mansion is kind of mysterious. especially at night, i would go there. there is a really good view up at skyline. stumptown coffee is fantastic. do you already have a schedule of what you're doing? haha. sorry. but also, the saturday market is super good. alberta street in north portland is pretty cool too. have fun! and tell me how it goes! i'm sure you'll take AMAZING PICTURESSS. <3

  12. thankyou for the suggestions! i'm only there for four days but i'll have a little bit of time to explore, so hopefully i'll be able to check out some cool things. :D

  13. i absolutely ADORE your photography. So beautiful!
    Your line "just the act of movement makes me unbelievably happy." rings so true to me. I'm happiest and most at peace when I'm in motion!

  14. Portland! I am so jealous. Also in agreement on travel and movement weirdly enough after so long being the stay-in-one-place girl. I am still working on getting a job so Canada can happen this summer even if it is not for all of August after all.

  15. I've been checking out your flickr for ages now, I'm a massive fan of your photography!! :)

    Please check out my photoblog if you get chance


  16. wow!ive just stumbled upon your blog and I have to stop and say. Amazing pictures. You have a very unique eye. Each on is as deliciously tantalizing as the last!

    Keep it up and please don't get discouraged :)

  17. Every time I pass an abandoned house I think about going inside, but then think I'll be 'murdered' in some form or another.

  18. Beautiful photo's!

    I agree with said.. I think there's always the feeling of danger with abandoned houses!

  19. so so beautiful!!
    all of your photos.
    how much do i want your talent and understanding of all these concepts

  20. what a wonderful location!!
    these photos are so beautiful

  21. Amazing set of photos!! Just beautiful! Like magic!!

  22. Can't see the photos! *Sniff*

  23. noo! everyone's saying "beautiful photos" and i can't see them! :( but i love abandoned houses, so i'm sure they are (:


  24. I've clicked through to your flickr (as it says 'photo not available') and your photos are beautiful. x hivennn

  25. Your picture's aren't showing.. Aw
    Comment on my blog when they're up
    I want to see! beauty!

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

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