i want to put last week on repeat over and over and over again.

always got big plans, but they're always in the works
i swear they'd pay off if my luck don't give out first

lucero - raising hell



i am so excited for summer i'm almost forgetting about spring. it's been nice as hell here lately. i love it when it's rainy or when it's sunny or when it's foggy (the rare few moments it is are incredible to me. i guess people on the northwest coast get sick of it after awhile but it seems like it never happens here in the midwest and i could go for a straight week of fog and never once feel like it wasn't like walking onto a gaseous planet in the solar system or something) or especially when the sky is a big bright blue. bad things happen and they get me down a lot but it's hard to feel bad when the weather is so dang nice.

i lost my job and somebody died young.




i have too strong a desire to prove myself.



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