abandoned house, hanover, illinois

the art show last weekend was phenomenal and super fun and i'll have some pictures up from that sometime soon. thankyou to everyone who put it together and to everyone who came out!

the weather is so nice. i love spring. i love rainy days and sunny days and every day. i love adventures and learning to drive and flea markets and abandoned houses and diners and noisy music and fucked up shoes. i just want to go to sleep for the next few days because on thursday i get to go to portland, oregon, for the weekend! i'm way excited. i've always wanted to see the landscape of the northwest coast. i think if i could spend my whole life traveling and going to all sorts of new places it'd be the best thing. just the act of movement makes me unbelievably happy. i have so much hope for so many things. i'm crossing my fingers on a lot.




no job, but school is almost over and i'm so ready for summer. i want to listen to fast music and jump off things. everything is getting better all the time.



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