i want to put last week on repeat over and over and over again.

always got big plans, but they're always in the works
i swear they'd pay off if my luck don't give out first

lucero - raising hell


  1. Like I said before, this makes me want to road trip so badly this summer. just get in a car and go nowhere and everywhere. It looks like you had a blast!

  2. what a sweet thing to say. that made my day.

  3. i quite like what you're doing.
    as a heads up, i'm throwing you a link from the day/night on my blog

  4. Hello :)
    I'm french, that's why i'm going to make mistakes. I look at your photos for some time, on your flickr ect... I like all your photos, really,they have a style...waw. Sorry for my bad English...

  5. I love all your photos! Amazing!

  6. ohmygod. i just stumbled upon your blog. you look like a younger less scary brunette version of lily cole in your header. yourrr photography and blog is AMAZING. Imm defff following!

  7. Your blog is lovely!
    Beautiful pictures.


  8. Let this be OUR catalyst:

    'The more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you'
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague
    (<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

    So, love him or leave him,
    we best lissen to the Don.
    And why? you might ask.
    If you deny o'er-the-Hillary's evil,
       which most whorizontal demokrakkrs do,
    you cannot deny Hellfire
       which YOU send YOURSELF to.
    That too hardcore?
    C'est la vie.
    Tok to the BigDood Upstairs.
    Im only a prophet withe prophit, baby.

    God bless your indelible soul, earthling.




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