1. What are you, like 21? Sheesh. Give it some time!! You're amazingly talented. Stick with it. You'll get there.

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  3. Well, I can't tell you that it's going to be fine - cos a) i don't know if it's true and b) i hate when people say that just to say it. What I can say to you is that I know exactly how u feel cos I feel the same. I'm 28, I left my home to live and study in London with amazing, talented classmates just at the age of 19 with plenty of time ahead of them to do what they like. It feels really sh*t seeing other people, younger people doing really good. But age doesn't define talent. Especially in photography. Oh, and shooting clothes/jewelry, no. Musicians? Yes. Keep up the good work. London greetings.

  4. I love your pictures, dear, but I know what you mean.
    As Emanuel said, I can't tell you it's going to be fine... But I do hope so :)

  5. I think your photography is beautiful and unique. Don't give up! Your moment WILL come. Somebody as highly talented as you can not go unnoticed forever.

  6. Oh dear! I adore your photos! They are amazing! Its difficult to not get down when you feel like your trying so hard. There are people here who want to see your latest pictures and work. Thank you and keep it up. You amaze me

  7. You should believe and you and don't give up!
    I wish I could do such pics and have such a great sense and fantasy!
    Be proud of you!!


  8. I believe that your photography is something fresh and new but in a dreamy and romantic way. The romantic way that never gets out of fashion. We desperately need your dreams and your romance that writers and poets throughout centuries have been trying to describe but have failed do this as succesfully as some of your - yet undiscovered - photography.

    Also I'd like to say that you seem to be a quite sufficient subject to photograph. I wonder why it is that you don't feel that way.

    Your pictures are a reflection of the cari ann wayman that we can find in your little comments underneath them. Thank you. (I'm aware of the fact that it sounds cheesy as hell.)

  9. I find your work quite interesting, and have been in your shoes with the same thoughts before. At the end of the day I advise this: Stop talking in quite an emo way about what you wish you were doing or such, and just go out and do it, it's not rocket science or completely unachievable.

    When I has this realisation, it really helped.

    I hope you don't take that in the wrong way :)

  10. thanks, all of you. it means a lot to hear all of that, even that i'm being emo about it. i know i am, ha, it's just hard not to be discouraged and i hope/know i can overcome all that. it just takes some work and to just go for it, like alick said, so i appreciate all the encouragement from you guys. that's amazing. :]

  11. you are a fantastic photographer! i saw some of your photography a long while back, and i loved it, but didn't really dwell on it after i forgot where i found the one amazing photograph that was my favourite. but then i found your work again and i fell back in love with it all! you (this word is overused) inspire me!

  12. I think everyone is most likely to get discouraged in their favourite thing they do. (I think that makes sense) If someone loves photography, they'll sometime feel discouraged. If someone loves writing they'll think their writing is no good.
    But you are a fantastic photographer. I remember the first time I saw your photos I was so jealous and everything because you were so good and i was just a beginner. ha. But then I realized that jealous was admiration.
    I sound like a moron but its whatever.

  13. Choosing an artistic profession is almost always choosing for incertainty, but believe me (and all those other commenters) when I say you've got talent. You breathe magic, my dear. Inhale, exhale, it'll be okay.

  14. Hi I found some of your work on Yasly blog of man a while back and I must say I am really inspired by what you do! Your work is amazing and so original and unique! Everyone feels like this sometimes and it will all work out in the end!

    Emma x


  15. I just stumbled upon your blog, and was immediately impressed by the first photograph. Then I read all of your ridiculous, self-deprecating comments below. I was under the impression that the person in the photogs was self-confident and powerful, but after reading, I realized that was not the case. If you are so depressed and feel like you lack as the subject matter, then take pictures of something else.

  16. no, i am not self-confident and powerful and i'm not going to pretend to be, in pictures or in blogs. it's a blog --some days i will be feeling negative, some days i will not, and it's my choice to post both, any, and all feelings i may have. i think it's normal to be insecure, and i'm sorry if it offends you so much that i'm not ashamed of that.

  17. sorry if that came off as snappy, it's just i really can't stand the culture of constantly needing to be confident and loving yourself that's so pervasive today. all i'm trying to do is be honest, and honestly sometimes i whine a ton.

  18. Don´t give up.
    It´s always cold out there when you're an artist and you are looking for something.
    You are searching new paths in the uncharted land of your reality.
    That's never easy.
    That never ends.
    I love your work.
    It´s inspiring.
    It MEANS something in this world of no meanings.


  19. I love this one. There's something about out of focus pictures. :)




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