my pictures are so mediocre and so not on point with what's popular in photography right now.
i need to find something else to do with my life.


  1. dude who gives a flying fuck about what's in. your pictures make me feel bad about my pictures, because, like, they express everything i want to say but can't because i'm just simply not as talented as you. or not as fearless. & i know that you must know somewhere in that mystical little internal world of yours that you only feel this way because the things you need to communicate are sometimes foreign & disturbing to people, & some of them will react harshly, & for a hyper-sensitive self-scrutinizing fearful girl it's as if you've been thrown into the middle of a crowded street & pelted with trash & insults. every little misunderstanding people develope about you will pile high on your fragile ego, i know. & it's crushing. but then there are the other people, & there are so goddamn many of us, who are incredibly moved by everything you make. speaking for myself, if you stopped taking these pictures & sharing them with everyone because some people didn't understand, i'd be left with an empty space where i use to keep my hope for our generation. or just my hope for myself. i feel like i'm not alone anymore when i see your photos. i feel like if you can fight through the anxiety of having people know who you are & talk about you & sometimes scrutinize you, then maybe i could too. because right now all i do, litterally, is hide in my bedroom & daydream. & my photos are all so censored, i don't take the pictures i want to because i'm afraid to. i know i'm not what most people are looking for. they think flowers are pretty & fashion is interesting. i think abandoned houses are pretty & dead animals are interesting. people will call me disgusting. it will hurt my feelings, no matter how stupid i feel for letting it get to me. but there's nothing more painful than keeping those weird emotions i feel to myself. i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. it'll eat you alive if you let it. whether you let them out in photos or not, you have to express it somehow, & there are always consiquences. but you'll only be cheating yourself if you let that get in the way.

    ldkfjsffls;gafasfj sorry i typed a fucking book here, i get carried away typing sometimes. i mean well at least. :D

  2. fishing for compliments?

  3. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. <3

    and no, i'm not fishing for compliments. this is a blog, where i write whatever my feelings are, and i don't expect anything in return, let alone for anyone to even read this.

  4. please don't find something else to do...god i think everything that appears on your page is amazing. who cares what other people are taking? what you take inspires me, not that i will ever get anywhere near creating what you create, but that's what being "popular" is all about, inspiring people :) another thing that inspires me about you, is you're not afraid to be who you are, to be 100% yourself, i wish i had that ... you're amazing, your work is incredible...ignore people who put you down, they're not worth it at all.

  5. tiadora - people can write whatever they want on there own blog.

    cari - your photos are beautiful, you don't have to keep up with what is 'popular' in photography. Popular is usually boring anyway. Who wants to be the same as everyone else. Carry on doing what you do. You have your niche and you are good at it!!


    ps, i posted some of your photos recently. x

  6. so not true! your photography is wonderful.

  7. Your pictures are special. Who gives a damn about "what's going on with photography right now"?! You are part of photography right now, and your style is original, unique.

  8. youre pictures are fucking cool...dont stop

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  10. Don't worry what anyone else thinks or whether your photography is "in" or not. Actually, I think your photography is really interesting. Keep on shooting! And showing us!

    PS: That comment "fishing for compliments" is just plain mean. I'm glad that you kept it up and responded politely. That says something about the person who left the comment and about you.

  11. It's not true look where your photos are..

  12. You are one of the most inspiring photographers i've seen! AH! if i could take pictures like you!!!! I would be in heaven! You are so talented! You should keep pushing forward! you'll get there!!! You are an amazing photographer!

  13. i have no idea how i stumbled across your blog... but hello it's me, marit rogne, from writing class.

    1.) Don't be stupid and stop taking pictures

    2.) Are you still writing?

  14. I am the only one who knows what you were talking about:

    Lost in Translation.

    My favorite movie (perhaps of all time.)

  15. marit: hi! it's been awhile. :] no, i don't write anymore. i really hope you are, though.

    jack: i relate so much to everything in that movie, it's insane. i don't even like or watch movies that much, but that one just permeates my entire existence for some reason.

  16. wow i am in love with your dress. where did you get it? PLEASE write me a comment on my blog or write a mail! thank you. love ya blog!

  17. A girl taking pictures of herself... How original. Is there any other kind of popular photography these days?




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