pajaros amarillos

i don't know what it is about right now, but everything looks and sounds and feels so good, like pictures and songs and air. i don't know, maybe i got drugged or something, but everything is so vibrant now and just the other day everything was so bleak and blank and flat and i don't know, it's weird what two days of amazing melting foggy slightly warmer weather can do to me. i hope it doesn't get too cold again, january's gonna break my heart.


  1. Yeah, just a glimpse of sun can make you feel that you can change the world. but when it is cold and cloudy and depressing, you feel like nothing's going to be ok again.

    this one on the top and the one with the indie triangle are too breathtaking to look at.

  2. Agreed. I got excited and wore flats today without socks and i immediately regretted it because its snowing. My soul aches for spring.

  3. Great set of pictures - I know the feeling, the warmth lately is giving me just a little hope for spring.

  4. I know exactly what you mean but winter never gives me that feeling. Its mostly spring and summer and sometimes fall when good things are happening and i think that nothing can really bring me down but i really know they can - i just dont let them, i guess.
    The best way i can describe the feeling is a balloon blowing up in my chest causing me to smile the biggest smile I've ever smiled. I can feel the wind so vividly and i can see things so clearly. almost as though i have nothing to worry about ever.
    I get that feeling when I'm writing this <3

  5. Well, this post has me grinning tonight because that's exactly how I felt this past week. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting through those sad feelings and looking for what makes us happy or inspired.




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