i bleed glitter

there's so much in me i can't make sense of, both physically and not, and sometimes i think i should take an anatomy class to understand how everything works but then that would probably just make me think even more. the way things work is wonderful, there's so much connected to everything but i feel like my synapses are always misfiring, i can't say what i mean to say.

i try to get everything out in pictures, but lately there's a disconnect there too. i am tired of everything falling through. i want to be presented an opportunity, no strings attached. i want life to take off. it's about dang time.

school started yesterday and i always like it a lot at first and think i'm never going to miss a class, but eventually i'll start to get bored and distracted --even though now, i swear, i am entirely invested, whole-heartedly and completely, i want to learn. but i also want to run. i want the snow to melt. if i don't get inside an abandoned house soon i'm going to die, i swear i will.

i can't wait for summer. i can't wreck people anymore. i need to get my act together. i need to chill the fuck out.


  1. Don't worry that much! Turn your wishes into art (you can do it).
    You will have more than one opportunity, you know you are talented. You will have opportunities, and they will outcome great :)
    About anatomy, you can always ask wikipedia. Try not to get to the pages about diseases and psychological problems: in my personal experience, I found in myself symptoms of whatever I'm reading and I freak out.


  2. I LOVE the first photo. It seems to capture your state of mind as well.
    And remember, when you go into that abandoned house it won't be so abandoned anymore. I hope the glitter is covering the blood by now.

  3. Your photos are truely so stunning, They speak in so many ways, its incredible.

    I know the feeling about wanting to run oh so well. And being invested 100% in class and it slowly diminishing. My Advice, keep doing what you love to keep you focused, there is nothing more rewarding than your art.

    Chin up, You are amazing. x




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