hi, my name is cari and this is my new blog thing. i don't really understand blogs yet, and actually i don't really like the word blog, but i am going to try this anyway. i will probably post pictures and sometimes songs and talk about my adventures and other things like that. i probably won't have opinions on world events or cultural observations. i'm not really like that. if you don't like it, that is okay. okay!

if you want to know, i am a 20 year old girl who lives in a small town in the midwest.
i'm mostly this:


  1. Yeah for blogging!!!

    People love to hear about you and the stories behind your work. Write them here! I know you are a talented writer.

    I'm following.

  2. Hi from Belgium,
    I discovered your world thanks to amelias magazine and I'm very impressed! you're very talented :)

  3. Hi!!!
    I'm one of your Flickr contacts!
    I love your pictures!
    Nice blog, good luck!! :))

  4. i can just say "i like what you do" because my english is bad...

    So: i like what you do! ;D




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